Our goal is to deliver technology,
manufacturing, and business value to
our customers and strive for
price performance advantage
with fast response times.

Established in 2009, ELH Tech specialised in manufacturing high-quality fixture and high-complexity tooling for the Aerospace, Oil and Gas and Semiconductor industry. In 2015, ELH Tech venture into the Additive Manufacturing industry as an AM equipment distributor in the APAC region, providing AM equipment and maintenance service for various industries.

Since August 2019, ELH Tech has acquired UCT Additive Manufacturing Center and will continue to lead the commercial 3D printing scene in Singapore. We provide expert rapid prototyping and specialty manufacturing solutions to our customers. At the same time, we use 3D printing in our production processes to accelerate manufacturing of key components.

We understand the value in producing complex geometries that are difficult to manufacture using traditional manufacturing methods and the flexibility of customization for specialty manufacturing requirements.

We have a deep appreciation of how 3D printing supports traditional manufacturing by offering great flexibility in customizing complex items form speciality manufacturing requirements.

We also know that 3D printing is not a complete replacement for traditional manufacturing but rather complements your manufacturing process by efficiently reduce manufacturing time with improved design parts.

Our experienced and dedicated team are trained to listen to your requirements, as a customer, and educate you with the best solutions to your needs.

Our culture is built around exceeding customer requirements and we have done so with over 10,000 printed parts to date. With our sound quality culture, we aim to produce quality parts while meeting your cost requirements and delivering your parts on time.