Plastic AM Finishes

Color Dyeing (PA2200)

The natural color of PA2200 (nylon 12) is white. Customer can choose to color dye their parts in black, blue, red and yellow according to their requirements. Generally, the part is submerged in a mixture containing color pigment. As consistency is important, our technicians follow a standard procedure to derive at the mixture.

Spray Painting

Spray painting is a manual technique used to paint the part in the selected color. PA2200, Accura Clearvue, Accura 25 and Accura Xtreme are well suited for spray painting. However, for Accura Clearvue, Accura 25 and Accura Xtreme parts, these parts are built with supports and sanding is necessary after support removal to achieve a better painting finishing. Color offered: Black, Blue, Gold, Red and Silver


Inserts can be fitted into PA2200 material to provide threading for manufacturing applications. We have different inserts size available on request.