Engineering Services

3D Scanning

Benefits of Scaled Models

• Training your staff to assemble the actual model by using a scaled down model
• Site planning using 3D printed models
• Better visualization of complex parts
• Fast turnaround models produced than conventional model making

Industry: Architecture, Construction, Oil & Gas

Topology Optimization/
Lightweight Structures

Topology optimization has been a focal point for additive manufacturing in industrial designs. 3D printing has the flexibility to fabricate designs that are too costly or not viable for conventional manufacturing methods. Through the use of optimizing software, parts with load-bearing structural designs are optimized to organic structures to become lightweight but still yield the same strength characteristics. This translates to significant cost savings, particularly in the aerospace industry.

Obsolete parts and storage have always been an issue for many companies. Finding a part can be a challenge after the OEM stops producing it. Now companies turn to 3D printing as a solution whereby a 3D scan is performed on the obsolete part, and a CAD file is generated for print.

Spare parts no longer need to be manufactured and stored at the warehouse. CAD files of these spare parts are stored digitally in a database. At the point of need demand, the CAD files can be retrieved and the part produced, thereby reducing the expense of having a large warehouse inventory.